Tuesday, December 28, 2010

See you there?

We're looking at the second annual holding of this event (1 | 2). Maybe.

The keyword is "maybe". Whether or not that maybe turns into a yes is up to you. I know that I'm getting this notice out very late ... it's December 27 as I'm posting this ... so I'm prepared for the possibility that nobody's going to hear about this until after the event is done. That's on me.But, wouldn't it be kind of fun to be able to do something other than sit at home, spend $300 to go hang out in the same dive you walked into last week for free, or wander the cold and blackened streets, alone? Even if that was just wandering the cold and blackened streets with company?

What are we going to do after the nose against the window business? Don't know. Going to wing it - if anybody is coming. If you're absolutely sure that want to come, as we explore the city and see what we can get into, tonight, please be sure to join the group for this event


and send me a message, telling me that you're going to come. I'll check my inbox in the morning, and if I have a reasonable crowd coming - let's say, 20 people - I'll send you a message thanking you for RSVPing, and we'll go explore. If not, not a huge surprise - the 31st is only four days off, after all. If that happens, I'll send you a message telling you that the event is off, and we can always do this next year - with earlier notice and better planning, of course.Whatever works for people. A Yahoo map getting you to the event follows. As always, RSVPing if you wish to come is essential, because otherwise, we'll probably miss each other.